Punished for No Panties

Whatever was Violet thinking? Caught at full dress cheer practice not wearing any panties. What was worse, she was one of the girls getting thrown in the air! Coach was mad at her and spanked her in his office then told her to go home. He also contacted her Daddy, who was ashamed and embarrassed to hear this awful news. This is where we start off in this video... Daddy is waiting for Violet in her bedroom, knowing this would be the first place she'd go to when she got home. Violet is naturally surprised but knows why he is there...and after a scolding, her Daddy tells her that her discipline punishment is far from over. She gets a spanking from him too and her lack of underwear offers absolutely no protection. Violet feels embarrassed that her Daddy's hard hands are now spanking her bare bottom too... oh the shame! Of course, if she had panties on then this would never have happened! Her tight buns burn red with the painful spanking and to add to her punishment, Daddy sets her a bunch of boring chores so she can think over the punishment a little further! This short sharp shock OTK spanking features a rare appearance from a beautiful young model called Violet Kat. Join now!

Betrayal Lies and Spankings

Harley and Apricot are best friends who regularly meet up despite now living opposite ends of the city and being in rival cheer squads. They both happen to be good at cheerleading, becoming head cheer girls of their respective squads. There's also a lot of well intentioned rivalry as their squads often compete against each other. When they meet up they have often shared their tips and ideas, as best friends do, but this time Harley watched in disbelief as Apricot's team used Harley's latest routine ideas. She feels betrayed but keeps her cool and invites the best friend over to her place after the latest competition. There... she confronts Apricot over what she had seen earlier. The utter betrayal, the deceit and lies that have really harmed their close friendship! Apricot is made aware of just how upset her bestie is but Harley is unimpressed with her weak apologies. So she lets her know that if she is truly sorry, then she would take the punishments just like she gives out to her cheer girls. You can cut the atmospehere with a knife and a very reluctant Apricot is made aware that she takes the hard hand spanking or they are finished as friends. Apricot's spanking is first over her panties then her best friend removes them to teach her a real lesson in friendship! Apricot is embarrassed and starts to feel genuinely remorseful, knowing that their friendship means more than a stupid stolen cheer routine. However, Harley has one final lesson for Apricot; The wooden "Bad Cheerleader" paddle. This gets used six times without her holding back, ensuring that her deceitful friend's bottom turns a very painful red. The girls hug and make up but Apricot knows that she will have to earn her best friend's trust once more. The lesson is that no stolen cheer routine is worth risking a close friendship like they have! Join now!

Cheer Camp Year One

This is our 100th film and to celebrate we have a very special presentation. A unique multiple cheergirl full length punishment film with 2 respected coaches, Miss Elizabeth and Mr Masterson who have their work cut out disciplining an all star cast of the very best spanking talent. We also think this is the most colorful spanking film ever produced with all those different authentic cheer uniforms. The girls are all lined up in their uniforms on induction day, having all been sent to Cheer Camp, for a week long corrective training review. Naturally, this means discipline, something all the girls are used to as they are the worst behaved from the various squads. Miss Elizabeth is first to spank the girls in a position they know all too well... over coach's lap. She hand spanks them hard and firm, across their panties and withthem pulled down... scolding them and reminding each girl in turn how embarrassing it must be to have their bare bottoms spanked in front of the others. They are lined up one by one with their bottoms bared until it is Mr Masterson's turn to introduce them to the Bad Cheerleader paddle. This is a no nonsense very painful six swats introduction. It's a reminder of what is to come if any girl misbehaves. The sobbing, tears and sore red bottoms confirms that Cheer Camp will not be a pleasant stay for these young ladies! Join now!

Winner Takes All

Becoming Head Cheerleader on this squad is not an easy process. Not with the likes of Amelia and Joelle who have tried to bribe votes from other team members or organizing a campaign against the other. They are deadlocked and team morale and respect for them both is suffering. Coach Gregory interupts the pair with a proposal that will decide who becomes Head Cheerleader. They are going to be punished, she decides; So in a manner befitting Head cheerleader... whoever can take most punishment gets the position! In effect, winner takes all! There's also the threat of the wooden paddle if the girls make it through their spankings! Joelle is first over coach's lap and she is spanked over her panties, then with them pulled down while Amelia looks on! How embarrassing... but Joelle won't give in! So it's Amelia;s turn and the same thing happens, she takes her spanking on her bare bottom despite protesting and whining! Coach Gregory has no choice but to paddle the girls side by side, stood next to each other and the paddlings begin! Harder and harder they get until one of them gives in. Who is the winner? That would be telling... but if you see the full length film then you will find out! Join now!

No Pain No Gain

Adriana and Ten are rooming together on a long distance Cheergirl Championship play-off and are concerned that some of the girls are getting spanked far more. They are wondering if they're next as they have both been spanked by Coach before and the stess of the Championships is affecting him! So they make a pact to get each other used to his punishments by spanking each other. That way, they concur, their bottoms will be more accustomed to it... no pain, no gain... right? They are both nervous, so decide who is the lucky girl to get spanked first with "Rock Paper Scissors" and Ten loses - so she goes over Adriana's lap. The spankings are hesitant at first but soon Adriana is spanking her team mate harder and without her panties... as Coach always spanks on the bare! Ten really feels this and Adriana reminds her that "no pain no gain" is a good motto for them. They switch and Ten does the same to Adriana, over her panties and then on her bare, bouncing bottom. They both decide to spank each other harder so their bottoms get used to the hard hand swats and both girls spank like it was Coach. Now each girl yelps out in pain but afterwards, as they inspect their swollen reddened bottoms, they know that if they keep this up, his hard spankings will hurt them far less! What devious girls they are! Join now!

Cassy Learns Her Lesson

We are pleased to introduce a new girl who has never been seen anywhere online... until now! At just twenty years old, Cassy Lau is sure to become a very popular spanking model across our entire network. "Sassy" Cassy is new to the cheer squad and has already caused a disruption to the team. She has fallen in with the bad crowd so Coach Lake decides to have a special one to one meeting with her. His aim is to remind her of her of the huge disrespect she is showing to the squad's colors and endangering her own scholarship if this behavior continues. Corporal Punishment is the method Coach Lake prefers to use and Cassy is under no illusion as he orders her to place herself over the desk for a hard hand spanking. He scolds and lectures her as his spanking gets harder, first over her tight panties... then with her pert bottom fully bared and exposed. He decides that Cassy should receive twelve strokes of the cane as a reminder of what to expect if this type of behavior does not improve immediately! These are hard strokes that mark and leave visible welts across her beautiful tight cheeks. Sassy Cassy no longer answers back and complies very quickly when Coach Lake wields the cane! Join now!

Mackenzie The Slut

Mackenzie had been caught by her coach, Snow Mercy, making out and performing a sex act with her hands down the pants of a football player. This movie starts with the meeting between the two as Miss Mercy explains how disappointed and shocked she is at her star cheerleader's lewd, filthy behavior. Mackenzie's brazen attitude and lack of understanding how she has brought the good name and reputation of the cheer squad into disrepute means that she has no option but to punish this slut. It's a sensitive matter, so this punishment is private and Mackenzie reluctantly takes her discipline as the alternative is for her parents to find out! She is taken over the lap of her stern coach with her beautiful bare bottom smacked by coach's hard hands. Snow Mercy decides that a six swat wooden paddling is also in order with the message that this sort of slutty behavior will not be tolerated again. Join now!

Cheerleader Revenge

We are proud to announce a very rare opportunity to see Clare Fonda in a Cheerleader Spankings "special" alongside Sarah Gregory. Clare & Sarah are old friends but when it comes to cheerleader duties and the smooth running of the squad, friendship comes a distant second. New assistant coach, Ms. Fonda, has upset her with the spanking punishments that she has been carrying out without informingh The Head Coach. So, back at the Sorority House, Sarah invites the assistant coach over for a showdown meeting. The Head Cheerleader threatens to tell the Head Coach that she is spanking the girls without informing him first unless she takes a spanking herself. He would no doubt "fire her" from the position if he knew. So this is why we get to see Sarah spanking Clare's bare bottom over her lap! Witness the tables being turned on this cheer coach cougar with the awesome pairing of Clare and Sarah! Join now!

Cheerleader Tears

New girl Rachel Adams is called in for a disciplinary meeting by Assistant coach, Harley Havik. She has full authority to punish the girls in Coach Lake's absence and wastes no time in exerting her authority with this poorly behaved cheer squad member. Rachel has been tardy, appeared to have been hungover at several practice sessions and her grades have been slipping. This will affect her status of remaining in the squad. Rachel's first time over Harley's lap is not a pleasant one as she spanks her girls hard! Rachel feels the spanking when her panties are pulled down and her bare bottom is turned a swollen, sore red very quickly! Leg locked and unable to wriggle out of her punishment, Rachel cries as she is then given a relentless leather paddling to ensure she won't be in this position again! Watch new girl Rachel make her awesome tearful debut, for those who adore seeing girls crying real flowing tears, this is the short, sharp shock video for you! Join now!

Poor Grade Punishment

Alex Reynolds nervously enters principal Rogers' office for a Grade Assessment which she knows could affect her remaining on the elite cheer squad. Why is she nervous? She knows that in some subjects she is way below par because she just hasn't been working on the assignments. Principal Rogers confirms that she is below standard, and failing badly in six subjects. However, he also tells her that she has a short period of time to turn this around. Alex has just been lazy and knows this, she is more than capable of completing her work. To remain on the squad, Principal Rogers requires that Alex not only complete her assignements but she should take a punishment spanking and six swats of the wooden paddle for each subject she is failing at. Alex is consistently one of the best spanking models to understand the headspace of such a scenario and is really convincing. Of course the punishment is real and painful and with Alex's reactions makes it a very believable and thoroughly watchable schoolgirl cheerleader discipline film. Join now!