Thieving Lily's Liquor Lickin'

Lily has been stealing strong liquor from mom's cabinet and taking the booze to cheer practice to impress her peers. Lily loves being popular but everything changes when her mother's suspicions are confirmed as she catches her girl red-handed, pinching another bottle. Lily has nothing much to say since she is caught in the act so mom lets her know what happens to thieves in this house. If she wants to impress her friends, she can impress them by showing off her soon to be very sore red bottom. She places her daughter, still dressed in her cheer outfit, over the table and spanks her hard whilst scolding her naughty girl. Those tight white shorts are pulled down and Lily's beautiful toned butt cheeks are given a further licking from mom's mean hands. Worse is to come as Mom spies a hairbrush on the table and gets Lily to ask her to give her a hairbrush spanking. Oh, the shame and humiliation! The brush really stings and poor Lily finally learns her lesson as her bottom turns an angry red and her very real yelps of pain fills the room! Do not miss this hot mommy/daughter combination of super fit and sexy, Lily Swan getting a spanking from Madame Samantha B Join now!

Coach's Comeuppance

The new cheer coach, Amber Dawn, has had an amazing impact on the latest routines of her squad with several new cheers that have gained much attention. However, the head cheer girl, Luna Lain, has discovered that her new coach is a lazy cheater who is jeopardizing her squad in competitions. Luna has discovered that the routines have been stolen from rival squads so she decides to go confront the coach at her home on behalf of her squad. Amber is dismissive of the accusations at first, but it becomes obvious that everything is true and Luna informs her lazy coach that the girls want her punished, or they will confess that this was not of their doing... they don't want to be disqualified. The coach reluctantly takes her place over Luna's lap for a hand spanking. Her magnificent bubble butt is bared and exposed as her booty is spanked red by the head cheer girl. It is a sight to see as the coach gets her comeuppance with the embarrassing finale of the dreaded "Bad Cheerleader" wooden paddle that she so loves using on her girls, being used on her bare, sore behind! This will teach the new coach to respect the other girls and to ensure they learn original routines. Join now!

Thieving Macy Spanked by Mom

Macy has been caught stealing opposition cheers and trying to incorporate them into her squad's new routines. Her Coach finds out before too much damage is done, but they are staying at a local hotel as part of a competition and she is benched. Her mother (played by Christina Carter) has been told to come to pick her up and take her home as she is in disgrace. This is where we pick up with the film as Mom confronts a disrespectful and confrontational Macy who is upset that she has to be escorted home in shame. Mother is embarrassed and tells her daughter that she is getting a spanking before they travel home. Still, in her cute cheer uniform, Macy is taken over mommy's lap as she is scolded and spanked over her tight shorts and, of course, her bare bottom. Her reddening bottom takes further punishment as mommy's strong hand uses a hairbrush she finds on the bedside table. Macy cries out in very real pain, struggling to take her punishment as that mean stinging hairbrush reddens her tight, pert buns. the car ride home will be very uncomfortable for Macy who learns the hard way that dishonesty does not pay. Join now!

Neighbor's Revenge

Andy gets home from cheer practice and has been told by her mother to go see her neighbor about the recent "incident" she caused in his back yard. This is where the film starts as see her knocking on his door as he welcomes her in. She is asked why she rudely practiced an obscene chant in his yard and then mooned her bare bottom to him and his esteemed guest, the good Lady Fortesque, who he was trying to impress. Andy certainly left an impression alright, and she is told that her mother (who was unable to discipline her properly) has given him permission to do so with a spanking. He wastes no time after scolding her, giving her a hard bare bottom hand spanking which really grabs her attention. As her bottom turns a shameful red, he makes her shuffle over to the corner to reflect on her punishment as he calls her mother to tell her the corrective discipline has been carried out. Join now!

Lucy Meets Her Match

Lucy, dressed in her school team's training soccer uniform, had kicked her ball into her dreaded neighbor's house and had broken a window. It was her favorite ball and she was in a real dilemma about owning up and trying to get it back. Her neighbor was a fiercely private young widow who had reverted to the name of Miss Page... this was all Lucy needed, this woman was frightening! She plucks up courage and knocks on the door. Miss Page is not pleased at all and berates the young soccerette for her actions and marches her around to the back of the house. Zoe Page is angry at this intrusion and determines that Lucy needs a spot of old fashioned discipline to teach her a lesson. In no time at all, she is bent over and Miss Page is spanking Lucy over her soccer shorts whilst continuing to scold and humiliate the shocked girl. As Lucy objects, her shorts are pulled down and her choice of thong is berated, receiving a wedgie as to prove a point! The spankings continue and Lucy is bent over in the afternoon sunshine, with no protection of her shorts or panties as the sound of bare bottom spanking reverberates around the leafy back yard! Lucy's humiliation is complete when her dirty, muddy sneaker (called a "trainer" in the UK) is used to whack her bare bottom. This is painful and feels very dirty to Lucy, a double whammy of shame and embarrassment. The spanking punishment is complete only when she is told to go into the house to clean up the accident, without the dignity of her underwear to hide her sore, red bare bottom. Join now!

Red's Foul Mouth

This is a very special double first for us at Cheerleader Spankings: A first for mother, Madame Samantha B, who spanks and mouth-soaps new to our sites, Red (also receiving her first-ever soaping punishment). Mom is upset that her daughter is late for cheer practice and Red walks in casually brushing her hair, half-dressed. She complains that her uniform is dirty and can not wear her skirt. Red blames her mom for this and shows so much disrespect by continually using the F-word. Momma doesn't take kindly to this nasty, foul-mouthed behavior and drags the brat over her lap as she starts to spank and scold her girl. Those tight white sports panties don't offer much protection so they are pulled down and Red's bare, bouncing bottom is tanned with momma's hand and that hairbrush that she had been using earlier! That foul mouth of Red's gets her into further trouble as her mother informs her that the spanking part of the punishment may be over, but she is going to receive her first ever mouth-soaping in the bathroom. You can bet that she regrets swearing at her mother, but it is too late to apologize as the bar of soap is lathered up and Red gets to taste the cleansing bubbles on her tongue. Mother really knows just how to properly ensure that this foul-mouthed brat learns a valuable lesson with a memorable mouth soaping punishment that aficionados of this particular style of discipline will enjoy immensely. Join now!

A Spirited Spanking

Stevie has been sent home in disgrace by Coach and suspended from the squad for a month. Her mother has been informed and is waiting for the bad little cheerleader to arrive home so she can properly confront the madam. In the Living Room, mom discusses the reason for her daughter's suspension. She knows... but she wants Stevie to tell her to her face. It's embarrassing for Stevie, who can barely get the words out... she had been drinking alcohol... and the very nature of sneaking vodka (disguised as water in a bottle) goes against the whole "spirit" of the cheerleading ethos. What if she had been too drunk or impaired to perform her routines or catch girls and so on? Not only this, but Stevie's grades at school have been slipping and the matter that she refused to divulge her liquor source would earn her a harder punishment with the bathbrush, waiting for her bare bottom. So Stevie knows the score, discipline at school leads to a spanking at home and this is meaner and more humiliating... being spanked without her sports panties protecting her modesty. Mother has seen it all before and scolds her further, as Stevie's bottom reddens beautifully in shame. For lying to her mom, Stevie receives numerous swats with the heavy wooden bathbrush that has her squirming and wriggling in pain. Mother will be watching her devious daughter far more closely in the future, which should be easier to start with as not only is Stevie suspended from the squad, she is grounded for the entire month too! Join now!

Fae's Royal Punishment

Arielle is the cheer captain and as is the tradition at their school, it is an honor for the captain to stand unopposed for the position of Prom Queen. Fae, her leading cheer girl, has other ideas and has made it known that she wishes to be Prom Queen instead. This leads to a confrontation between the girls and Arielle is far from happy. She reminds Fae of the disrespect she has shown... no girl before has ever dared oppose a current captain. It is a rite of passage that Fae cares little for, believing she is far better suited and better looking. When she tells her captain, Arielle is furious and she quickly reminds the brat who has all the power. Fae will lose everything, the respect of the girls... and her real loss, being continually benched and forced off the squad. Of course, Arielle has something far more devious in mind. She has wanted to teach this uppity young lady a lesson and now the time has come with a good old fashioned spanking! She takes her over the table and spanks the leading cheer girl over her tight white shorts. They offer little protection as Arielle gleefully scolds, humiliates and shows Fae just who has the real power. To further prove her point, Fae loses the dignity and protection of her shorts when her bare exposed bottom is further spanked. That glorious bubble butt starts to turn a shameful red and you will see Arielle can hardly contain her delight. By now, poor Fae's apologies are not acepted until her captain and future Prom Queen decides when this little madam has properly learned her lesson. It's a royal dilemma that has been resolved by her majesty... or, as Arielle prefers, "She who must be obeyed". Quite! Join now!

Discipline and Tears

Rachel Adams is the latest addition to the school's best cheer squad. With that comes a lot of responsibility... the girls are the best because they are disciplined. Head Coach, Johnny Lake, invites Rachel to meet him after practice as he has heard some worrying things about her and wants her to start off understanding how discipline and order are maintained in his squad. She is understandably nervous as some of her misdemeanors are reeled off but these are things with which the coach can work with. Discipline is done the old fashioned way and she knows that means a spanking. Rachel feels the pain of any type of physical punishment keenly and it brings genuine tears to her face quickly. This spanking is no different, and before her tight cheer panties are pulled down for a bare bottom hand spanking, she is crying freely as the tears flow. Her bouncing red bottom is spanked hard and it shows. Rachel is blubbing and her tears become a flood as she soaks the couch. Mucous pours out of her nose, mixing with the sobbing tears creating a messy puddle of shame! When Coach Lake is satisfied that she understands why she is disciplined and has learned her lesson, he hugs the sobbing girl and reassures her that she will become a valuable member of his squad. Join now!

Kalaisha's Attitude Adjustment

This is an all-new double spanking first here at CLS as we bring you 2 special debut performances. Kalaisha is new to the online world of spanking and she is in possession of a very spankable bubble butt that just makes you want to spank it on sight! Cara, who is punishing Kalaisha in this film, is topping on camera so for the very first time... and as you will see, she does a rather good job of it! Kalaisha has been told to go see her cheer captain by the squad's coach after she had been scolded and spanked earlier. Kalaisha doesn't know it yet, but she is about to get another spanking at the hands of her captain. How embarrassing is it that one of her own team members gets to pull down her very tight fitting panties and gets to smack that bouncing booty some more! She is scolded by Cara... who, from a fellow squad member's point of view, complains about the poor attitude and lack of effort which Kalaisha is guilty of. As mentioned earlier, it isn't long before she is over Cara's lap getting a hand spanking... and Cara quickly pulls down those snug sports panties to reveal a sore throbbing, red bottom. You will see some delightful impact shots from the captain's hard hand as she reigns down hard smack after smack on that most jigglesome bare bottom! Watch this mesmerizing spanking punishment featuring 2 hot ladies with a twist... that this is a debut online performance in both their respective roles. Join now!